Tales of the 8th Grade Nothing

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Jason Dobbins
First appearance: Then The Morning Comes…

Jason Dobbins is taking in his 8th grade year of school as he maneuvers dealing with parents and family, friends, (like his best bud’s CJ) and good grades. He yearns constantly over winning the love of “The Curly Little Blonde Hair Girl” .

Jason consistently daydreams, and nods off into his own private fantasies (which you can tell by the pink overtone/color scheme to certain items) which sometimes helps him deal with his stress and frustration, but unwittingly adds to it as well. Jason ultimately is wantning to make his 8th grade year of school his best yet, and thinks the only way to do that is to win the heart of the girl he loves and to become popular, where-as he thinks the two go hand in hand.

First appearance: Then The Morning Comes Part 5

CJ is Jason’s best friend, and overall worrywart. A big geek-nerd, while he too wishes he was popular like Jason, his ideals of popularity would to use it to go unnoticed, as his large size makes him the butt of many jokes. While he is known for over-reacting with almost anything, (re: worrywart) CJ does detest Dodgeball with a passion and is more scared of it’s increasing presence upon the school year. Due to Jason not being allowed out much, CJ mostly interacts with Jason out of school via means of online gaming. He does not talk about his weight or other problems much but usually packs the lunch his mom made him, (consisting usually of PB&J). CJ also appears to have a huge crush on Taryn, one of the most popular girls in school who belongs to a clique called “The Tripple Threat”…

The Triple Threat: Tara, Mara & Taryn
First appearance: Oh Sh*t! Part 2

The three most popular girls in school, from grades 6-8, is a clique nicknamed “The Triple Threat”, consisting of, as per Left-Right, Tara, Mara and Taryn. The leader of the group is Mara, who is also head of the Cheerleading squad.

Not much else is known about Tara or Taryn, except for the fact that Taryn does seem to notice CJ.

All three girls also hang out with Jason’s crush, The Curly Little Blonde Hair Girl.

First (physical) appearance: 7:15AM… Part 3

Derrick is a grade-A, Class 1 Bully. One of the most popular kids in school, Derrick hangs out alot with the Triple Threat (Tara, Mara & Taryn), and likes to pick on kids who are just different from him. This would definitely mean Jason and CJ.

Always slicking his hair back and a jock to boot, Derrick is an average attendee of the football games to support their school. He shares a lot of classes with Jason and has so far already sent him to the nurses station, knocked the books out of his hand and used his father to make Jason feel embarrassed.

The Curly Little Blonde Hair Girl
First appearance: Out Of Her League… Part 2

The Curly Little Blonde Hair Girl (or CLBH Girl for short) is Jason’s crush. He has liked her since he really first noticed her, which was back in 7th grade when he sat behind her. Sadly, this is also the time his hormones kicked in, and got an erection because of her perfume. The CLBH Girl is considered one of the most popular girls in school and is associated with The Triple Threat, and all the jocks and popular kids, pretty much, everyone but Jason, CJ and the other ‘losers-kids’. Her main feature, as far as we can tell, is the CLBH Girl’s curly blonde hair, but we have yet to seen her face. Jason is easily distracted by her, and can snap out of his daydreams and fantasies instantly because of her. Seemingly, everyone but the CLBH Girl knows of Jason’s crush.

Mr. Perry
First appearance: 7:15AM

Mr. Perry is one of the teachers at Jason’s middle school. Perry teaches science and in Jason’s case, second period of the school day. Jason notes that Perry is known for his perception that most kids are mo-rons, and usually talks down to them using his southern drawl. Mr. Perry is tough on punishment, hates sarcasm, despite using it all the time himself, as made evident for Jason’s ‘closing his eyes in class’ on the third day of school. Perry’s said punishment was that Jason either excepts two weeks of In School Suspension (I.S.S) or stay after school for the entire first quarter of school to be his ‘assistant’.


The Jock. The Cheerleader. The Popular Girls. Gym Class. Band Nerds. Riding the bus. For those who remember Middle School, and those who currently still reside between grades 6-8 know this: Middle School is hell. Jason Dobbins is in his final year of Middle School, he is now an 8th grader, and this is his time to shine… if only he knew how. Jason with the help of his best friend CJ maneuvers unrequited love, bullies, dodge-ball, good grades and popularity in his final year of middle school.

Starting in August of 2009 initially with a M-W-F update schedule, but is now updated Mondays and Fridays, Tales of the 8th Grade Nothing is not a normal planned webcomic. Although under the guise of a comic strip with the cliché pressure of each strip ending on a punchline, 8th Grade Nothing advances towards something more unique and true, seen through the eyes of it’s protagonist. As such, the general concept that it is a never ending gag-a-strip is absent, as Tales of the 8th Grade Nothing is a comic that has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Incorporating music with almost every comic strip through the eyes of the lead protagonist, Tales of the 8th Grade Nothing is half-romance, half-coming-of-age-story, as Jason Dobbins unravels his final year of Middle School. Tales of the 8th Grade Nothing is a webcomic for those who remember the hells of middle school, but also for those who perhaps need to be reminded that sometimes all it takes is just one person to believe in you, and that also perhaps, true happiness leads to those who believe in themselves.